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Thank you Andrew and Connah

Thank you so much to students Andrew and Connah at LIPA Sixth Form College, who bravely shaved their heads on stage to raise funds for CAF, Willow and Team Verrico.

Here are a few words about why they chose to fundraise:


I have had the idea of shaving my head for a while, as it seems like a great way to raise not only money but also awareness of just one of the challenges those affected by cancer and other similar illnesses face. A diagnosis can be crushing, but it’s amazing to see the incredible work charities like Willow, Chris Aked Foundation and Team Verrico do that can really help support people and their families through such anxious and difficult times. Having lost family in the past 5 year, and recently seeing a close friend my age receive a cancer diagnosis, I hope that the money we have raised for these charities helps them offer the best care and meaningful support to as many families as possible.


Recently, someone close to me had to undergo cancer testing and because of it I started looking into ways to support people with cancer. Thankfully, he was okay however after looking into different things to do with Cancer I was so desperate to help in any way I could, and I decided to shave my head at my college. It was the best decision I could have made.

They raised an amazing £336 pounds for us, which will help us support another family.

Thank you 🤍


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