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Family spotlight

Joshua was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease called SCID (Severe Combined Immune Deficiency) just before he turned two years old, following a year of very poor health. His mother, Kayleigh, tells us how the foundation was able to support them:

“I can’t put into words the profound effect Joshua’s illness and treatment has had on us as a family. Initially our focus was our son, ensuring his survival and doing anything we could to make his pain less. However now, as we settle into a life with a child who remains quite unwell despite his treatment, we are really beginning to see the effect the diagnosis has had on Joshua’s older sisters.

We found The Chris Aked Foundation when researching available support for our eldest daughter, who was having a particularly hard time, and we were so impressed to finally find a charity that focuses on the siblings of the sick child.

We were approaching Christmas, and our girls were finding it hard to be excited given the fact that we’d spent the previous three Christmas periods separated whilst in hospital with Joshua. The foundation provided an amazing trip to Legoland for the whole family, which included a visit to Santa and a stay in the hotel, which was just absolutely brilliant. It was the first time Joshua had ever been to a theme park and the first trip we had been able to do as a family! The most amazing part of the trip was that we had to play absolutely no part in organising it, all I needed to concentrate on was making sure we all had our thermals to fully enjoy the weekend! We are so grateful to The Chris Aked Foundation for this trip, and the memories of that weekend are deeply treasured by us all.”


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