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Chris' story

We’re approaching five years since we lost our amazing friend, husband and father Chris Aked.

This charity, founded by his wife Kirsty, was an idea that came to them while Chris was undergoing treatment. For those of you who don’t know his story, Chris was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer in April 2017, when his daughter Freya was only 11 weeks old. He fought hard for 5 months, however his diagnosis came too late and he sadly died on 7th September 2017, aged only 33.

Whilst caring for Chris, it became apparent to Kirsty that there’s little support for children when their parents or siblings have cancer and are undergoing treatment. Although Freya was very young at the time, it was exceptionally difficult every time Chris went into hospital. Children are often sidelined during this time and have to adapt during a very tough and traumatic period – they don’t always receive the focus, support and care they require, at a time when they need it most.

We started The Chris Aked Foundation to offer children support and counselling from the moment their family member is diagnosed. Chris and Kirsty were able to have a family photoshoot with Freya before he died and making those memories together was so important. He wanted to give other families a chance to spend time together and make precious memories – Chris was always thinking of others and how he could help support them. He was such a kind, patient and caring man.

Since this charity was registered in 2018, we have supported nearly 175 children in his name, and we know how immensely proud he would be of this, and of Kirsty and Freya ❤️


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