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Family spotlight

Rose was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 33 weeks pregnant with her second child. She talks about the impact of her diagnosis and how the foundation was able to support:

“I was 33 weeks pregnant when I found out the lump I had found a couple of months prior was breast cancer. I had been so convinced it was just a cyst that I had gone to the hospital alone when I received the diagnosis. Trying to mentally tally up the thought of the new life I was bringing into the world with the cancer diagnosis was very difficult at first. I focussed all my energy into staying positive for my 5 year old son, Elbie, and making preparations for the newborn baby.

I started chemotherapy when Freddie was 2 weeks old, and it led to many hospital admissions for neutropenic sepsis. After a difficult 6 months, I'm slowly getting back to better health and more able to go on adventures with both boys and my partner.

When I came across The Chris Aked Foundation, I thought what a fantastic organisation to arrange special days for the kids. After a conversation with Elbie, he asked for a trip to Legoland and the lovely people at The Chris Aked Foundation arranged it for us! They had the amazing idea to stay overnight with 2 days of park tickets, which helped us to not rush around too much on just one day. We're so grateful to them for helping us have this brilliant weekend as a family.”

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